special education

Nicholle Mineiro has joined Cassady Law Firm

I am excited to announce I have joined Charlotte Cassady at Cassady Law Firm. It is an honor to join a practice that has been fighting for the rights of students for almost two decades. You can find me at (206) 452-5665 x.3 or nicholle@cassadylaw.org.

Presenting at the Blueprints to the IDEA Workshop

I was honored to present at the Washington Autism Alliance & Advocacy "Blueprints to the IDEA" special education law workshop.  This is a unique opportunity to hear from experienced special education attorneys about how to better advocate for your child. These workshops are offered several times a year, and I'll be presenting again in the fall. Topics included:

  • The Evaluation Process, the role of Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
  • Eligibility: How is it determined? How old must a child be?  Must a child be identified as a certain category to receive services?
  • The IEP Meeting: What can I expect? What do all the sections mean? How is it authorized, what do I sign? My IEP is out of date, what steps can I take to modify it?
  • Is it One size Fits All? What program types and related services are available?
  • Understanding FAPE & the LRE
  • All about transition planning
  • What are the steps I can take to resolve disputes with the IEP
  • I am worried about seclusion and restraints, what are my child’s rights?